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Enjoy enhanced privacy and aesthetics with decorative window film... suitable for both commercial and residential premises.

Remodeling and Home Design

What are window films?

Window film is a thin film that is applied to any flat glass surface. It is used to enhance the appearance of a window, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire window. Here at Window Films Kenya, we deal with Window Films for commercial and residential use; in a house, office block, apartment, restaurant... you name the location, and we have the film for the area. We also do professional installation.

Did you know that car tint is a window film! Yes, window film for a car. 

How to use?

To use, simply peel off the backing on the window film, and apply onto a cleaned wet window. That easy, and lasts for years. You can even install it yourself... just follow the free detailed instructions that come with every window film purchased from us... or the following article HOW TO INSTALL.


What are the benefits and uses?

Applying window film on your window has many benefits... the main benefit being increased privacy. All our window films are opaque, therefore no visibility from the outside of the window... 100% privacy. They are also aesthetically pleasing... and therefore if you want to add some style to an ordinary, you can do so with window films... at a low cost. Window films also filter out UV rays, and therefore significantly reduce fading of furniture, artwork, carpets and any ornaments.

Where can it be used?

Window Film can be used in offices, apartments, hotels, conference rooms, lobbies, hospitals, schools, universities.. any area with a flat glass surface. The possibilities are endless!

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